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Title: Groundnut seed Production Manual for Uganda

Date Published: 2014
Author/s: Okello, D. K., Okori, P., Puppala, N., Ureta, B. B., Deom C.M., Ininda, J., Anguria, P., Biruma, M., & Asekenye, C
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Copyright/patents/trade marks: NARO
Journal Publisher: NARO
Affiliation: National Semi Arid Resources Research Institute - NaSARRI, NARO


Cultivated groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.), also commonly known as pul, emaido, ebinyebwa, njugu in some of the languages where it is produced in Uganda, belongs to genus Arachis in subtribe Stylosanthinae of tribe Aeschynomenea of family Leguminosae. Groundnut is an annual self-pollina?ng, indeterminate, herbaceous legume that grows to a maximum height of 60 cm. Natural cross-pollina?on occurs at rates of less than 1%. The fruit is a pod with one to ?ve seeds that develops underground within a needlelike structure called a peg, an elongated ovarian structure

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