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Title: Field Guide for Conduction Participatory Impact Assessment: Monitoring and Evaluation Series No3

Date Published: September 2002
Author/s: Leonard Oruko
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Affiliation: DFID, National Semi Arid Resources Research Institute - NaSARRI,


Obtaining the Project Implementers Perspective (Approximately 3 Hours) Identify the case study project in advance. The facilitators of the exercise should be guided by the following to obtain the Implementers Perspective of the likely impacts in advance. 1) The project implementers should give an overview of the project clearly indicating the following; a) Goal and objectives of the project, b) Expected outputs, c) Target beneficiaries/clients e.g. farmers in sub-county x, Extension staff such as NAADS service providers, etc, d) Expected benefits to target clients (check the log-frame), e) Specific experiences during the implementation e.g. unforeseen benefits/costs, fears/concerns about the project, 2)