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Title: Production and Genetic Conservation of Quality Protein Maize (QPM) Seeds by Smallholder Farmers in Karamoja Sub-Region, Uganda

Date Published: 2018
Author/s: S. K. Njuki, A. Amongin, C. Ilemut, S. Walyaula
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Journal Publisher: Nabuin Zonal Agricultural Research Development Institute - NabuZARDI
Affiliation: Nabuin Zonal Agricultural Research Development Institute - NabuZARDI


The need for improving
availability and access to
pure quality maize seeds of
protein content by small
holder farmers instigated the
commencement of a scheme
for production and
conservation of longe5 seeds
in the dry land farming
system. Longe5 is a maize
variety with two amino acids
called tryptophan and lucine
coding protein synthesis. This
study aimed at: creating a
multi stakeholder innovation
platform for commercial
production of pure quality
Longe5 maize seeds;
equipping farmers with
sustainable knowledge of
production, preservation and
quality control of Longe5
maize seeds; increasing seed
volume through farmer–
farmer block production.
Methodically, four seed
grower groups were formed
and commenced seed
production using longe5
foundation seed stock for
three seasons through halfsib
pollination technique.