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Title: Yield stability of some bush snap bean genotypes in Uganda

Date Published: 2015
Author/s: Musaana S., Ugen-Adrogu, M. and Mawejje, D.
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Copyright/patents/trade marks: Direct Research Journals Publisher
Journal Publisher: Direct Research Journal of Agricultural and Food Science (DRJAFS)
Affiliation: National Crop Resources Research Institute NaCRRI, P. O. Box 7084 Kampala, Uganda
Keywords: Snap beans, genotypes yield stability, pests and
diseases, coefficients of variation


Pod yield stability was studied on fourteen snap bean
genotypes introduced or locally bred in Uganda. The
study was carried out in three seasons using six agroecological zones. All the six non commercial genotypes
had been gene pyramided for rust, Angular leaf spot
and common bacterial blight making them tolerant to
the diseases. J12 had the highest yields and the
commercial variety Paulista had the lowest. Values of
bi coefficient indicated that varieties had the highest positive influence on pod yields while location and
season had higher negative influence than rust. Variety
J 12 and SB001 had the most stable and heavy pod
yields Population dynamics showed that Paulista and
Angela had the most unstable plus lowest yields