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Title: Ware potato harvesting and storage techniques: Guidelines for harvesting and storage management of ware potato-Expanding Utilization of Roots, Tubers and Bananas and Reducing Their Postharvest Losses

Date Published: March 2017
Author/s: Arthur Wasukira, Kenneth Walimbwa, Stephen Wobibi, Lawrence Owere,
Diego Naziri and Monica Parker
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Copyright/patents/trade marks: BugiZARDI
Journal Publisher: BugiZARDI
Affiliation: Buginyanya Zonal Agricultural Research Development Institute - BugiZARDI, International Potato Centre, Sub Saharan Africa


Potatoes are commonly regarded as a bulky, perishable commodity with high transport costs and limited export potential, confined mostly to cross-border transactions. The potato is a good source of dietary energy and some micronutrients, and its protein content is very high in comparison with other roots and tubers. Fresh potato consumption is the major form of utilization, however processing has improved to meet rising demand from the fast food, snack and convenience food industries. The growing urban populations, rising incomes, the diversification of diets and lifestyles is the driver behind this new development.
Potato is considered both a cash and food crop in the limited production areas. It has the ability to lift citizens out of poverty.