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Title: Enhancing use of high quality seed potato

Date Published: 2012
Author/s: W.W. Wagoire, S. Wobibi, J. Pande and A. Wasukira
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Funding Agency : NARO and GOU
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Affiliation: Buginyanya Zonal Agricultural Research Development Institute - BugiZARDI


potato growing areas of Mt Elgon are found in the districts
of Kapchorwa, Bukwo, Sironko, Manafwa, Bududa and Mbale
Constraints in potato production include lack of inputs including
clean seed, fertilizers and pesticides limited commercial stores
and no cold store facilities Seed potato constitutes the highest
input,input,(about 55 of total production costs (Ferris et al
2001 For the Mt Elgon area, this scenario is further
confounded by the long distances for transporting the seed
from KaZARDI in South western Uganda which has hitherto
been the only centre of excellence for quality seed potato
production in the country This spatial placement of seed
potato centre adds another 5 10 of total production costs
order to increase profitability of potato enterprise, farmers
need to reduce cost of seed potato through adoption of quality
seed potato production technologies However, this is
hampered mainly by diseases most especially bacterial wilt
(Ralstonia solanacearum) which is both seed and soil borne
Bacterial wilt occurs in many potato growing areas and its
spread seems to be increasing mainly due to increase in
potato cultivation, limited rotation period, increased seed
potato recycling, water run offs and flooding

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