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Title: RTB-ENDURE: Expanding Utilization through Research: Final Technical Report,Potato Sub-project

Date Published: March 2017
Author/s: Arthur Wasukira, Lorna Kwaka, John Senkumba, Kenneth Walimbwa and Lawrence Owere
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Affiliation: Buginyanya Zonal Agricultural Research Development Institute - BugiZARDI, IFAD, CGIAR


In eastern Uganda, potatoes are produced/harvested biannually. Limited access to storage facilities and other shelf-life extension technologies to store tubers without sprouting, rotting and loss of moisture leads to physical and economic losses. In order to limit these postharvest losses, producers tend to sell the potatoes immediately after harvest. Current practices result in a two marketing windows over the year, approximately 2 to 3 months each. Storage technologies can extend the marketing period to 8 to 9 months, depending on the storability of potato.