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Title: Coffee Berry Disease: Finding an affordable solution

Date Published: 2009
Author/s: A. Wasukira, J. Pande & W.W. Wagoire
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Journal Publisher: BugiZARDI
Affiliation: Buginyanya Zonal Agricultural Research Development Institute - BugiZARDI


Coffee plays a significant role in the economy of Uganda by
contributing between 20 30 of the foreign exchange
earnings considering the vigorous efforts by Government to
diversify the economy Arabica coffee accounts for 13 7 of
the total coffee exports ( 2008 Arabica coffee
production is still entirely a “ of smallholder farmers,
90 percent of whose average farm size ranges from less than
0 5 to 2 5 hectares Average yield ranges from 750 960 kilos
of parchment per hectare per year which is below a potential
yield of at least 1 5 t ha yr

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