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Title: Atlas of Common Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) Production in Africa

Date Published: 1998
Author/s: Charles S Wortmann, Roger A. Kirkby,
Charles A. Eledu, and David J. Allen
Data publication:
Funding Agency : Rockefeller Foundation
Copyright/patents/trade marks: CIAT
Journal Publisher: CIAT
Affiliation: Pan-Africa Bean Research Alliance
Centro Internacional de Agricultura Tropical (CIAT) Kawanda Agricultural Research Institute
P.O. Box 6247
Kampala, Uganda
Keywords: Phaseolus vulgaris. -- 2. Varieties. -- 3. Production. -- 4. Socio-economic environment. --
5. Population density. -- 6. Role of women. -- 7. Cropping systems. -- 8. Plant diseases. --
9. Pest insects. -- 10. Environmental factors. -- 11. Africa


The Atlas of Common Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris
L.) Production in Africa is a valuable resource for
researchers, extension workers, policy makers,
and donors concerned with bean production in
Africa. It presents detailed information for 96
bean production areas in Africa, and is a result
of information obtained through the efforts of
many bean researchers.
Bean is a major crop in many parts of
Africa, and especially in eastern Africa. An
important food to people of all income
categories, it is especially important to the poor
as a source of dietary protein. Its production is
agronomically diverse, being grown in many
different crop associations. Bean is grown
primarily by small-scale farmers in eastern
Africa. Unfortunately, the rate of increase in
bean production has been exceeded by the rate
of population growth. The Association for
Strengthening Agricultural Research in Eastern
and Central Africa (ASARECA) recognizes
research on beans as being of high importance