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Title: Uganda Journal of Agricultural Sciences(UJAS); Volume 6 Number 1

Date Published: January 2001)
Author/s: NARO
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Uganda Journal of Agricultural Sciences (UJAS) was established by the National Agricultural Research Organisation
(NARO) to serve as an avenue to report, in an integrated manner, research findings of scientists working in the various
fields of agriculture. The result of this endeavour can then be used by other scientists, planners, government and other
development leaders, extension agents, and others, to promote agricultural development in Uganda, Africa, and the
developing world.
The journal publishes original research work in Crop Science, Animal Health, Soil Science, Forestry, Fisheries,
and Agricultural Economics and Extension, Agricultural Engineering, Food Science and Technology, and Environment
Protection. It accepts manuscripts primarily from Uganda, and also papers of relevance to the Ugandan setting.
The Editorial Board occasionally solicits and publishes authoritative reviews on topics that are relevant and helpful
to scientists working in any field of agriculture. The journal also publishes as "Short Communications and Research
Reports" original results not warranting publication as full papers. It has a book review and advertisement sections.
Uganda Journal of Agricultural Sciences is copyrighted, and those wishing to use illustrations or data from the
Journal in other publications or for other commercial purpose should obtain permission from the publisher, and include
a line acknowledging the Journal as the source of material.