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Title: Poultry Genetic Resources and Small Poultry Production Systems in Uganda

Date Published: 2009
Author/s: Busuulwa S. Henry
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Copyright/patents/trade marks: FAO
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Affiliation: MUKONO ZONAL AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE - MUZARDI, National Animal Genetics Resources Centre and Data Bank, Uganda


Livestock production constitutes an important sub-sector of Uganda’s agriculture, contributing
about 9% of Gross Domestic Product and 17% of Agricultural Gross Domestic Product. It is an
integral part of the agricultural system in many parts of the country. Livestock contribute
significantly to the welfare of the population at both household and national levels by: being
the source of food such as meat, milk and eggs, which are sources of essential nutrients;
providing income to farmers through sale of animals and their products; serving as mobile
banks from which the funds can be liquidated for other uses; using the dung as fertiliser for
sustainable agriculture; providing draught power for ploughing and transport and; contributing
to socio-cultural values of society in the form of dowry, gifts and pride.