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Title: Biotechnology for Agricultural Transformation and Sustained Food Security in Uganda - Policy Brief No 4 - 2019

Date Published: 2019
Author/s: Muhumuza JR, Kimbugwe A, Wanyama G, Babirye K, Serunkuma B
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Affiliation: MUKONO ZONAL AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE - MUZARDI, UBIC, NationalAgricultural Research Organization: 2Makerere University; 3Gulu University:41slamic University in Uganda,
Makerere College School


Biotechnology is a set of tools that uses a whole or part of the organism, or substances from them to make or modify a product, improve plants, animal breeds or microbes, for specific uses. Modern biotechnology comprises genomics (molecular characterization of all species); transformation (introduction of single genes conferring potentially useful traits into plant, livestock, fish, and tree species; Molecular breeding (identification and evaluation of desirable traits in breeding programs with the use of marker assisted selection); and Vaccine technology (use of modern immunology to develop recombinant DNA vaccines for improving control of lethal diseases) (FAO, 2004) among other disciplines.