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Title: Towards a Relationship of Significance: Prospects for NARO's Partnerships with NAADs, NGOs and Local Governments

Date Published: December, 2001
Author/s: NARO
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Partnership is a central feature of NARO's outreach work. Over the past year NARO has made several important strides in the direction of identifying, fostering and working through new and meaningful partnerships. At the core of this rests the mandate to expand the scope and reach of technologies and knowledge to increasingly larger number of farmers across the country. Partnerships also afford NARO a unique opportunity to complement its efforts with those of several other institutions and programmes intended to vigorously contribute to the PMA (Plan for Modernisation of Agriculture). Though linkages with other agencies including NGOs, Extension departments, IARCs and private sector are not new to NARO, the Outreach and Partnership Initiative (OPI) launched in 2000 provided the most comprehensive framework for designing and operationalising partnerships with a range of institutions. In July 2001 NARO mounted a special initiative for identifying potential areas and partners for intensive linkage at the zonal and national level. An experienced Partnership Consultant worked together with the officers of NARO Outreach team to facilitate this process. The process included consultations with an array of national NGOs, NAADS and district production offices in selected districts. It also involved a serious examination of NARO's own skills and strategies for sustaining partnerships. The first stage of the process has recently concluded and at this point NARO is ready to make solid advances in its partnerships.