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Title: NATIONAL COMPETITIVE AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT FUND: Organisation, Procedures and Guidelines for Proposals

Date Published: 2016
Author/s: National Competitive Agricultural Research and Development Fund (NCARDF
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Affiliation: NGETTA ZONAL AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE - NGEZARDI, National Competitive Agricultural Research and Development Fund (NCARDF


Agriculture forms the basic engine of economic growth for Uganda. This realisation is being
backed by the adoption of clear policies, economic support and guidance. Increase in
agricultural productivity can not be fully achieved without (i) the benefits of safe and
responsible use of cutting-edge science, (ii) advances in technology development, (iii)
capacity building, (iv) technology dissemination, (v) policy research and implementation to
promote the development, adaptation and dissemination of new technologies (vi) a genuine
and deliberate coordination and involvement of all stakeholders concerned at all stages of the
"strategic agricultural research' to extension" process. This will require a de-fragmentation of
research programmes, increased and sustained investment in the agricultural sector and
effective financial resource use.
This manual explains how a National Competitive Grant Scheme (CGS) through the National
Competitive Agricultural Research and Development Fund (NCARDF) will be established
and operated. It provides procedures and guidelines for implementation of the scheme. These
guidelines are a 'work in progress' that is not sealed in concrete and will continue to be
updated initially through annual review as experience is gained and new lessons are learned