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Title: NARO: THE STRATEGIC BUSIESS PLAN 2012/2013 — 2014/2015

Date Published: 2013
Author/s: NARO
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Affiliation: NARO


Our NRBS Strategic Plan focuses on:
Rebrandinq the past, the-pazt, the present and the future!
Rethinking the way we have come together and have continued to stay together!
Reinventing the way we work!
Reviving the way we operate!
In short, we embrace a new collaborative, flexible and holistic approach. How we
handle the above today will surely determine how far we go tomorrow.
Collaborative engagement, the glue that creates a unified culture prepared for
disciplined execution - the grease that drives productive change. To that end; the
plan proposes that the Scheme in close cooperation with its members and partners
identifies its key strategic themes and operational priorities so as to focus on a
selective core of activities; department by department where each department's
expertise, experience and actions would be far reaching and more likely to produce
tangible profitability with a view to attaining these objectives.