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Title: Core Function Analysis of NARO

Date Published: May 2004
Author/s: NARO
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The workshop to analyse core functions of NARO was an important pillar in the process of the task force to arrive at NARO's core functions within the new NARS. Stakeholders from different sectors of the research environment were present to reach a common understanding of what the core functions should be. After an introductory session which brought all the stakeholders to a similar level of information and understanding, clarity was sought on the terminology and meaning of core and non-core functions, research and non-research functions which are part of NARO and the different perspectives on what core functions should be. Based on this common understanding criteria to define core functions were developed and agreed by the group. The core functions of the NARO were then developed and subjected to these criteria. A set of agreed core functions and non-core functions emanated from this process. They were at a more generic level and included non-research and research functions. The next step broke down these generic functions into issues to be dealt with at NARI, at ZARI and NAROSEC level. The research functions were then unpacked into more detail through the present research plan / projects and a list of areas which are potentially to be sourced I contracted out were identified. The workshop created a common understanding and joint commitment to the reform and to the core functional analysis of NARO. However, the aspect of the staffing requirement could not be dealt adequately yet in the workshop. More analysis is required, combined with a more detailed vision for operationalisation of the organisation of the research implementation. The group tasked NARO and the core functional analysis team to set up a joint working group to define these requirements in consensus.

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