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Title: Construction of supportive physical infrastructure (fish landing sites and livestock market & slaughter facilities)

Date Published: 2003
Author/s: MAAIF
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Affiliation: MAAIF


The quality and safety of fish are vital for the continued export of fish and for the sector to continue making an important contribution to the livelihood of many rural dwellers. In recent years, Uganda has been requested by its fish trading partners to improve the handling of its fish destined for export and to comply fully with foreign market requirements, as expectations regarding the quality and safety of the end product are becoming increasingly important. A highly-developed quality assurance system is good for both the domestic and foreign markets. For example, it is estimated that the ban on the export of fish to the European Union resulted in an estimated loss of USS30 million in foreign exchange earnings for the country. At the same time, appropriate infrastructure is also necessary to ensure the quality and safety of the fish sold on both domestic and export markets.