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Title: Guidelines and Recommendations for Improved Seed Production Dissemination in Teso and Lango farming systems

Date Published: 2001
Author/s: Kate Longley, Godfrey Kayobyo, Robert tripp and Nathan Nangoti
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Copyright/patents/trade marks: NARO/DFID
Journal Publisher: NARO/DFID
Affiliation: NARO/DFID


A study was carried out by seed specialists of the Overseas Development Institute (UK) and the Nkoola Consultancy Group (Uganda) in the Teso & Lango regions of Uganda, on behalf of the NARO/DFID COARD Project. The purpose of the study was to provide recommendations and guidelines for the development of enhanced seed supply in Eastern and Northern Uganda, informed by a review of current government and non-government interventions, and a field study of farmers' current practices and constraints in obtaining, storing and multiplying seed of improved (modern) varieties. The recommendations are intended primarily for the NARO/DFID COARD Project, but may also be of use for others interested in addressing seed supply issues in Uganda.