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Title: Development of Procedures for the Assessment and Management by Farmers of their Agricultural Information Networks and Needs at the sub county Level in Uganda

Date Published: 2003
Author/s: Hugh Bagnall-Oakeley, Michael Ocilage, Florence Imaikorit — Oumo and Nathan Nangoti
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Affiliation: NARO/DFID Client-Oriented Agricultural Research and Dissemination Project


A special study was carried out to develop a simple methodology to assist farmers, extensionists & researchers to assess their information networks and needs. The methodology was developed and tested in four parishes in Soroti and Lira districts. The assessment can be completed in three afternoon sessions with farmers, and can be easily facilitated by extensionists, scientists and other development workers with some experience in participatory methods. The assessments are preceded by a systematic series of interviews with district and sub-county agricultural development organisations, and participatory mapping of information sources active in the district.