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Title: Assessing Statistical and Data Management needs of NARO researchers

Date Published: September 2005
Author/s: Savitri Abe yasekera and Ian Wilson
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Affiliation: NARO, The University of Reading


In April/May 2005, a postal questionnaire was used to elicit views of all NARO scientists and technicians about their current levels of skills in statistics and data management, and to learn about their future needs in these areas. The questionnaire was forwarded by the Monitoring, Evaluation and Policy Unit of NARO by e-mail to Directors of all NARO institutes and Managers of ARDCs with a request to copy it to all their scientists and technicians. Responses were received by 47% of the scientists and 50% of the technicians. Although this does not constitute full coverage, we believe that the findings reported below give a reasonable reflection of the true situation concerning NARO researchers' views of their needs.