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Title: Aspects of biological control of citrus woolly white fly Aleurothrixus floccosus’ in eastern Uganda.

Date Published: 2003
Author/s: Ogwang, J.A. and Molo, R
Data publication:
Funding Agency : GTZ
Copyright/patents/trade marks: NARO
Journal Publisher: Uganda Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Affiliation: Biological Control Unit
Namulonge Agricultural and Animal production Research Institute
P.O. Box 7084
Keywords: Citrus woolly whitefly, biological control, Alcurothrixus lloccosus, Cales noackii


A biological conh-olagent, Cales noackii How- the natural enemy of citrus woolly white fly, Aleurothrixus jloccosus Mask
was introduced in Uganda for the control of the pest in two citrus growing districts (I ganga and Kamuli) of eastern Uganda
in 1996. Prior to the introduction, surveys conducted throughout the country showed that the pest causes serious damage
to citrus growing especially along the Lake Victoria crescent. or the surveyed area, 95% of the citrus trees sampled showed
damages attributed to the pcsl. However, post natural enemy release monitoring during 1996 - 1998 in the two study
districts of !ganga and Kamuli showed that A. floccosus population and damage bad SiJ!:nificantly declined. The pest
population and damage reduction was attributed to the establishment and impact of C. nonckii; and by 2000 the pest
population was insignificant as the natural enemy spread to non-release areas.