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Title: The development of management strategies for maize streak virus disease

Date Published: 1999
Author/s: R J Cooter
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Affiliation: Natural Resources Institute, University of Greenwich, Medway Campus,
Central Avenue, Chatham Maritime, Kent, ME4 4TB)


The second phase of the maize streak virus project, whilst continuing to study the important
aspects of the epidemiology of the disease, has concentrated on the development of
management strategies for maize streak virus disease (MSVD) based on cultural control
practices that are acceptable to farmers. These were developed through an understanding of
the behaviour of the leafhopper vectors and their role in MSVD spread within maize plots
and between maize plantings.
Surveys within villages identified the constraints and potential research needs in the maize
growing system and clearly indicated how little farmers and other stakeholders knew about
MSVD. The surveys also showed that the lack of a reliable seed supply was a major problem.
The project found that, due to cross pollination by local susceptible land-races and farmer
seed selection strategies, MSVD resistance was probably being selected out from the only
available resistant open-pollinated variety in Uganda (Longe1).