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Title: ROBUSTA COFFEE HANDBOOK: A Sustainable Coffee Industry with High Stakeholder Value for Social Economic Transformation

Date Published: 2019
Author/s: Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA)
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Copyright/patents/trade marks: Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA)
Journal Publisher: Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA)
Affiliation: Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA)


Coffee is the second most traded tropical commodity
(in value) in the world after oil. Coffee is the major
cash crop of Uganda, both in terms of foreign
exchange earnings and employment creation. As a
producer of coffee, Uganda ranks second in Africa
after Ethiopia and eighth in the world. Coffee as a
commodity has continued to play a leading role in
the economy of Uganda (contributing between 20
– 30% of the foreign exchange earnings), despite
the vigorous efforts by government to diversify the
economy. Coffee is grown by 1.7 million households
in addition to the industry employing over 5 million
people through the coffee value chain related activities.