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Title: Players and stakeholders in the cocoa value chain of Bundibugyo

Date Published: October 2015
Author/s: Lutheran World Relief (U)
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Copyright/patents/trade marks: Lutheran World Relief (U)
Journal Publisher: Lutheran World Relief (U)
Affiliation: Lutheran World Relief (U)


Cocoa is the main cash crop of Bundibugyo District in Western Uganda. The potential of cocoa has been expanding
substantially with a steadily rising world market price. However, farmers in Bundibugyo appear not to have reaped
the benefits of this potential.
It is to this background that Lutheran World Relief carried out a survey of the players and stakeholders of the
cocoa value chain in Bundibugyo, as part of an exploration for a project to support local farmer organizations.
The paper provides both the methodology of the survey and value chain mapping exercise, and the findings along
the value chain including farmers (production), support actors like research organizations, (micro)financial
institutions etc, and buyer-exporters.