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Title: Cerebral Anoxia and Its Residuals: IV. The Asphyxial Syndromes - Acute, Subacute, and Chronic

Date Published: 1948
Author/s: Cyril B. Courville
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Journal Publisher: Medical Arts and Sciences: A Scientific Journal of the College of Medical Evangelists


In dealing with the clinical aspects of asphyxia we are necessarily concerned_ with the
responsible· etiologic factors. Since there is
some vari'ation, at times considerable, in the
re5ultant clinical syndrome after the more
common mechanisms of asphyxia, it seems
.worth while to discuss each type sepuately.
On this basis we shall deal with (1) the acute,
subacute, and chronic manifestations of asphyxia of the newborn, (2) asphyxia after exposure to carbon monoxide, (3) the anoxic
states after anesthesia, (4) the residuals after
mechanical obstruction of the air passages,
(5) the acute and chronic manifestations of
anoxemia incident to high altitudes, and some
attention will be given as well to (6) the acute
effects of some of the lesser anoxemic episodes
which accompany acute exsanguination and
the anemias.