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Title: The future of livestock in Uganda: Opportunities and challenges in the face of uncertainty

Date Published: 2019
Author/s: FAO
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Copyright/patents/trade marks: FAO
Journal Publisher: FAO
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Uganda will swiftly grow and extensively
transform in the next three decades. The human
population is expected to more than double by
2050 and 44 percent of the people will live in urban
areas vis-à-vis 22 percent today; GDP per capita will
increase by 175 percent; and consumption of livestock
products will more than triple (FAO, 2018a).
The livestock industry will radically transform to
respond to the increasing demand of animal source
foods. Between 2015 and 2050 poultry production is
projected to increase by more than 400 percent and
most of the chicken will be likely kept in intensive
and semi-intensive production systems. The cattle
population will slightly reduce with respect to
today, but beef and dairy animals will be more
productive and at least a quarter of them will be
raised in intensive or semi-intensive production