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Title: Growing Eucalypts for Timber, Poles & Fuelwood

Date Published: 2020
Author/s: SPGS
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Eucalypts are planted on a massive scale worldwide
for fuelwood, poles, timber and other wood products.
They are grown both by small farmers for profit and
subsistence and by large conglomerates for industrial
wood supply. Certain species of Eucalypts yield valuable essential oils, whilst some also provide an excellent source of nectar for honey bees. An estimated 15
million hectares had been planted worldwide by 1995.
The genus has many favourable characteristics including high growth rates, wide adaptability to soils and
climate, seed availability and ease of managing due to
the coppicing ability of many species. Importantly for
Uganda (with its looming timber supply crisis), Eucalypts can often produce utilisable wood products faster
than any other species

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