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Title: Immunization against east coast fever by infection and treatment method in

Date Published: 2000
Author/s: Nsubuga -Mutaka, R.C., Otim C.P., Kakaire-Nyende M., Erima, S. and Ongyera S.
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Copyright/patents/trade marks: National Agricultural Research Organisation
Journal Publisher: Uganda Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Affiliation: Livestock Health Research Institute P.O Box 96. Tororo, Uganda
Keywords: East Cost Fever. tick horne, immunisation.


East Coast Fever (ECF) caused by Theileria parva is known in Uganda as the must important tick-borne disease of cattle for
a long time. The 1}apcr describes research efforts conducted mainly in Kenya and Uganda towards the development and
testing of the infection and trealtment method of immunization against ECF. This method has now been introduced on
private farms and it is accepted in Uganda.