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Title: Small-scale root crops and tubers processing and products: Production methods, equipment and quality assurance practices

Date Published: 2004
Author/s: Mr. Peter Fellows
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Copyright/patents/trade marks: United Nations Industrial Development Organization
Journal Publisher: United Nations Industrial Development Organization
Affiliation: UNIDO- United Nations Industrial Development Organization


Root crops and tubers are important staple foods in some parts of Uganda, where they are
both eaten fresh and processed by drying to preserve them for out of season use. They are
also prepared as fried snack foods and as fermented products (e.g. gari from cassava).
Almost all processing is done by micro-level businesses, often based in households, and
there is little medium- or large-scale processing. There is also little processing to other
products such as starch, glucose syrup etc. This manual therefore focuses on processing to
make chips, flours, fermented products and snack foods. At least one processor makes
sweet potato jam and this product is also included. Small-scale processors are able to
increase their profitability by packaging flours, or producing different flours (e.g.
combinations of root crop and cereal or legume flours). The technology is available and
affordable and the level of skill and expertise needed to produce high quality products is lower than in many other types of food processing