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Title: Pasture Improvement Research in Eastern and Southern Africa: proceedings of a workshop held in Harare, Zimbabwe, 17-21 Sept. 1984

Date Published: 1985
Author/s: Kategile, J.A- International Development Research Centre
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Copyright/patents/trade marks: International Development Research Centre
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Affiliation: International Development Research Centre


The proceedings contains reviews by national scientiste
on pasture research done primarily in Eastern and Southern Africa
(Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzanie, Burundi, Zambie, Zimbabwe, Swaziland,
Lesotho, Botswana, Mozambique, and Madagascar). The application of the
results obtained and lessons learned are highlighted and used in setting of national priorities for research areas for the future. Critical
reviews on current pasture research methodologies are included in the
proceedings. The research methods discussed are germ-plasm collection,
storage, and dissemination; and germ-plasm introduction and evaluation,
nutritive evaluation of pastures, grazing experiments, and range monitoring. Specific guidelines on methodologies are outlined and these are useful to pasture agronomists, animal nutritionists, and range-management scientists.
Two case studies of pasture-research regional networks in Asia and
Latin America were presented and discussed. A strategy for future pasture research coordinated through a regional Pastures Network for Eastern and Southern Africa (PANESA) was discussed and agreed upon.