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Title: Soil Erosion by Water in the Tropics

Date Published: December 1982
Author/s: S. A. EI-Swaify, E. W. Dangler, and C. L. Armstrong
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Affiliation: University of Hawaii
Honolulu, Hawaii


Existing knowledge allows erosion and conservation workers in the tropics to make some qualitative
assessments of the extent and forms of rainfall eroo:
sion, approximate estimates of various causative
parameters, crude evaluations ofthe various effects,
and selected prescriptions of appropriate control
measures. However, quantitative data on all these
factors are spotty at best.
Determinations of the magnitude of existing and
potential erosion have been conducted by widely different methods. Nevertheless, in several countries
available evidence of the seriousness of the problem
is convincing. Fortunately, evidence also indicates
that degradation by erosion has yet to reach a critical stage in many countries.

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