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Title: Forage Production and Management: Training Package for Extension workers

Date Published: August, 2017
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The booming demand for livestock and livestock production is taking place elsewhere
in developing countries in response to continuous population growth, incomes rise
and urbanization (Delgado et al., 1999). The demand is expected to remain strong for
foreseeable future. Despite the projected increase in consumption, results (Delgado
et al., 1999) indicated that total milk and meat consumption in developing countries
is expected to exceed total production of these products in 2020. The debate remains
important is however, the capability of smallholder in mixed crop-livestock systems
which are presently producing at very low levels to meet growing demand for livestock
products in developing countries. In developing countries, such smallholder systems
need to transition to more intensive systems to meet these increasing demands.
Smallholder dairy in developing countries is recognized as an important enterprise that
can bring economic and livelihood improvements through its contributions to increase
livestock productivity, income generation, the provision of jobs and the transfer of
money from urban to peri-urban and rural areas, if it is intensified.