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Title: The Uganda vegetables and fruit sector: Competitiveness and investment opportunities

Date Published: 2019
Author/s: Youri Dijkxhoorn, Michiel van Galen, Julian Barungi, John Okiira, Joyce Gema and Valerie Janssen
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Affiliation: The Integrated Seed
Sector Development programme in Uganda (ISSD Uganda).
Keywords: Vegetables, fruits, Uganda, competitiveness


The production of horticultural products is gaining importance. The horticulture sector has
been supported by the Integrated Seed Sector Development (ISSD Plus Project) (2017-2020). The
ISSD and the ISSD Plus Project have been coordinated by the Wageningen Centre for Development
Innovation (WCDI) and funded by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (EKN) in Kampala,
ISSD Plus Project strengthens the development of the seed sector development in Uganda.
ISSD Plus Project promotes the use of quality seed and the cultivation of improved vegetables
varieties. The use of better seeds and improved varieties is likely to contribute to increased earnings
and improved competitiveness of the sector, which would subsequently contribute to improved
national food and nutrition security. However, quality seeds and advanced varieties alone are not
enough to increase competitiveness; there is a need for more in-depth information on the entire value