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Title: Promotion of improved IPM practices for banana diseases and pests in Uganda

Date Published: 2005
Author/s: Dr Mike Rutherford
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Affiliation: CABI Bioscience


The primary purpose of this project was to assist the Uganda National Banana Research
Program (UNBRP) to promote and disseminate recommended banana crop and resource
management technologies to a wide range of stakeholders in Central Uganda who are
dependant on the production of bananas for their livelihoods. These technologies include use
of improved local and newly introduced improved banana cultivars with tolerance or
resistance to major pests and diseases. By utilising a participatory approach a broad range of
banana stakeholders, including farmers and representatives of extension services, nongovernmental organisations (NGO), community based organisations (CBO), the National
Agricultural Advisory Service (NAADS), local councils and national government were presented,
by the UNBRP, with improved integrated pest management (IPM) options for banana production
in Luwero, Mukono and Kayunga districts of Central Uganda