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Date Published: OCTOBER 2015
Author/s: Kazibwe Ronald
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Affiliation: LAHU


Rabbit farming business can be very lucrative for an entrepreneur who has passion and
commitment to animal husbandry. Children love spending time with animals especially rabbits.
It’s an opportunity to do business with something they are passionate about. Starting a rabbit
farming business does not require a lot of capital like every other business do, rather it requires
that the entrepreneur have a knowledge about animal husbandry and how best to raise animals.
Rabbits are easy to rear compared to other animals, and the rate of production is high as they
quickly multiply. The feeds for rabbits are readily and freely available within Ugandan
communities. The demand for rabbit meat is increasingly growing in Ugandan communities
because it is grouped as white meat which is healthier.

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1. Piloted rabbit project at buddo