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Title: Try the rabbit: a practical guide

Date Published: 2010
Author/s: Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA)
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Affiliation: CTA, FAO
Keywords: Rabbit keeping, rabbits, livestock production


Through proper guidelines, rabbit rearing not
only requires minimal capital investment but
also provides increased livelihood income
and yield. This step-by-step guide details
rabbit breeds, behaviour, and handling. It
instructs how to construct rabbit hutches,
kindling boxes, weaner cages and where to
place the rabbits. Information on breeding
management is also provided which includes
the process of controlled mating, what to
do during the heat period, the process of
doe servicing as well as how to take care
of does during pregnancy and what to do
after delivery. What to do in the event of
death litters, how to sex and sell weaners,
and specifications on feeding methods,
feed transportation and what food types to
feed the rabbits are also given. The guide
additional details the process of breeding
stock selection, highlighting the issues of
inbreeding as well as giving information on
rabbit diseases and pests. Record keeping
was also advised.

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