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Title: Mountain Farming Is Family Farming: A contribution from mountain areas to the International Year of Family Farming 2014

Date Published: 2013
Author/s: Editors: Susanne Wymann von Dach (CDE), Rosalaura Romeo (FAO), Alessia Vita (FAO), Maria Wurzinger (BOKU), Thomas Kohler (CDE)
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Copyright/patents/trade marks: FAO
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Affiliation: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations


Family farming in mountains is as diverse as the myriad mountain landscapes of the
world, but at the same time, there are also commonalities. For example, mountain
family farms are usually not the centres of national production in terms of quantity, with the exception of tropical mountain regions. Most of their production is
for family consumption, playing a key role in ensuring household food security.
In addition, family farms in mountains help shape mountain landscapes, providing ecosystem services that are vital for development far beyond mountain areas.
These services include provision of freshwater, disaster risk reduction, preservation
of biodiversity including agro-biodiversity, and space for recreation and tourism