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Title: Uganda Wetlands Atlas Volume II_Popular Version

Date Published: 2016
Author/s: Government of Uganda
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Copyright/patents/trade marks: Government of Uganda
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Affiliation: Government of Uganda, United Nations


In 1995, Uganda made history as the second country worldwide,
after Canada, to pass a wetlands policy. The National Policy for
the Conservation and Management of Wetlands is based on five
objectives which revolve around the principles of sustainability,
improving wetlands productivity and diversity and good governance.
Additional legislation enacted that strengthened this policy included
the Environment Act of 1995, Land Act 1997, Local Government
Act 1997, Environment Impact Assessment Regulations 1998, the
Wetland Regulations 2000 and the Constitution 2010. These, and
many other laws, provide the legal framework that is designed to
ensure the protection and wise use of wetlands.

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