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Title: Kachung Forest Project: Afforestation on Degraded Lands

Date Published: May 2011
Author/s: Green Resources AS (GRAS)
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Affiliation: Green Resources AS (GRAS)


The forest area in the southern-central part of the reserve (shown in figure G.3.3) is
remnants of a former government plantation of broadleaf species, mainly consisting of
the exotic species Gmelina arborea, which has been seriously degraded over the years.
This area is not eligible to be included in the CDM project, but will be enhanced as a
conservation area through enrichment planting with indigenous species such as shea
butter. Gmelina arborea trees are seen in other areas of the reserve, having spread from
this old government plantation due to the species easy establishing and fast growing
species nature. Despite this, even Gmelina arborea trees are being degraded at a faster
rate then they can establish and grow; however, from a biodiversity perspective, it’s
important to note that exotic species – even though degrading – were present in the baseline before KFP implementation.