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Title: Beans Production Manual

Date Published: 2018
Author/s: Ngetta Zonal Agricultural Research
and Development Institute
Soil Fertility: The best soil should be well drained and moist throughout the growing season, and with reasonable fertility levels
Avoid areas that keep standing water for long periods.
Plant in soil with adequate levels of fertility.
In soil with low fertility, apply organic manure or inorganic fertilizer (NPK - 40kg/ha) or Urea 46:0:0 (20 kg N/ha) or DAP 18:48:0 (40 kg/ha).
Rotate and intercrop with cereals and root crops.
Clean/disease free husks can be ploughed into the soil to improve fertility.
Lad preparation: Prepare a fine seedbed to a moderate depth of 15-20cm
 First ploughing should be at least 3 weeks and 2nd ploughing at least 1 week before planting.
Planting materials:
Preparation of planting materials: SEED SELECTION
Select good quality seed and seed dress if necessary (to avoid storage pests and seed borne diseases).
Choose disease tolerant varieties such as NABE 16, NABE 23, NABE15, NAROBEAN 1, 2,3 & 5C including, to mention but a few.
Select single variety for planting.
Other soil treatments:
When to plant:
Spacing: 1 plant per hill is recommended at a spacing of 50 x 10cm. In case of low quality seed, plant 2 seeds per hole and thin to 1 plant.

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