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Title: The Soybean Production manual is very key in facilitating promotion of new varieties through training, seed production and promotion of the new varieties. It is further meant to facilitate farmer learning through Agricultural Extension and Community based Facilitators

Date Published: 2018
Author/s: National Agricultural Research Organisation
Ngetta Zonal Agricultural Research and Development Institute
Soil Fertility: The best soil should be well drained loam or sandy loams and moist throughout the growing season, and with reasonable fertility levels.

Avoid soils n areas that keep standing water for long periods.

Can survive in a wide range of soils, even acid soils.

It is very sensitive to soil salinity.

PH of 6.0 -6.5

Avoid planting soybean in a shaded araea.
Lad preparation: Prepare a fine seedbed to a moderate depth of 15-20cm.

First ploughing should be at least 3 weeks before 2nd ploughing. Second ploughinh should be at least 1 week before planting.

In order to control weeds, non-selective herbicide e.g. Glyphosate may be sprayed before ploughing is done.

Land preparation should be done before the onset of rains.

Soybean can be rotated with maize, wheat, sorghum, millet, cotton and rice.

Often intercropped with maize

If intercropped with maize one should plant 1 row of maize after every 10 rows of soybean to avoid shading
Planting materials: Seed Selection

Select good quality seed (to avoid storage pests and seed borne diseases).

Choose diseases tolerant varieties such as MAKSoy3N, MAKSoy2N, MAKSoy4N, 5N and 6N.

Select single variety for planting

The seed must be able to germinate
Pure/One Variety

Clean (Free from stones, soil, crop residue)

Free from pests and diseases
Preparation of planting materials:
Other soil treatments:
When to plant:
Spacing: Pre-test seed for germination to avoid poor germination. Germination percentage should be at least 85% and above.

Plant the soybean seed only when the soil is moist

Place seeds at the depth of 2.5cm and cover lightly wh soil.